Metropolitan Etiquette Authority

29 September 2011   //     8 comments   //   caught my eye, clever, design, signage

Have you ever lived in Manhattan? I have. And as much as I loved it there, one of the things that can be challenging is the sheer number of people — and their habits — you have to interact with every time you walk around. The lack of courtesy you might encounter on a 2 minute walk to the deli is astounding. Well artist Jay Shells has launched a guerilla art project that addresses just that — street etiquette. The signs are now popping up all around Manhattan. In addition to the fantastic “Pay Attention While Walking” sign he had a few others addressing some of the pet peeves bound to eat away at New Yorkers.

I hope this is an ongoing project. Do you have pet peeves that could benefit from some well-placed signage?

(Found at The Daily What.)


Sign of the Times

21 October 2010   //     5 comments   //   announcing, design, leap work, signage

Well folks. It’s official. We have been in our LEAP office for a full year now, so we decided “what the heck, let’s put some signs up!”

There are many advantages to being tucked away in our sweet, squat little 1950s building, but we think our clients (and more importantly, our potential clients) will appreciate us making it a little easier to find our office. What can I say, we’re givers.

So now you have no excuse not to visit us. And as soon as the Diamond reopens across the street, just give us a shout as you’re pulling in and we’ll meet you over there!


fun with logos

09 February 2010   //     Comments Off   //   caught my eye, design, signage, vintage

I was browsing the groovy tshirts at Desteenation this morning and I found this one from Fuel Coffee in Seattle:

And check it out — we’ve got our own pride and joy Fuel here in Charlotte: Fuel Pizza.

Vintage design is fun, eh?


helvetica and the new york city subway system

26 January 2010   //     Comments Off   //   design, ephemera, history, signage

Helvetica Subway

Helvetica Subway

Helvetica Subway

New, limited edition book, about Helvetica’s infiltration of the New York City subway system. Written by Paul Shaw. Including hundreds of photos, along with reproductions of pages from various MTA and NYCTA signage manuals. Oh, I’m sorry — was that me drooling? Goodness, how embarrassing.

I lived in New York for 6 years, and I return every year at least twice, and to count the number of photos I have taken down in the subway would be impossible. I am obsessed with its haphazard permanence, its raw, often accidental beauty, and its consistent inconsistency.

I can’t wait to hold this book in my hand.