whatchoo talkin bout willis?

28 May 2010   //     Comments Off   //   history, news

RIP Gary Coleman. You’ve earned it.


haiti, one week later

19 January 2010   //     1 comment   //   history, news, photography, save the world

Haiti remains a place of profound need, anguish, desperation and danger, with a few glimmers of hope and slowly growing capabilities to receive and distribute the international aid now flowing in. Sporadic looting, sometimes violent, was met with force by security officials and ordinary citizens, resulting in a number of further deaths and injuries. The tenuous security situation has led to at least one temporary evacuation of a medical facility, to protect the care-givers. Despite the long time since the earthquake, at least five people were pulled from the rubble alive this weekend, including a young girl trapped inside a supermarket who was fortunately surrounded by food, and survived on fruit snacks.

Looking for ways to contribute but still unsure how to go about it? Charity Navigator sorts and ranks charities to help you find one you can trust. For Haiti and countless other situations.

(Description and images from The Big Picture at boston.com)


rip I.D.

17 December 2009   //     Comments Off   //   design, media, news

ID Magazine closing

Just heard the sad news that I.D. Magazine, the country’s oldest product design magazine, is headed to the [rapidly filling up] magazine graveyard. Happily, the Annual Design Review will continue — online — even expanding to include a catalog of past winners. So there’s some consolation amidst the disappointment.

I think I’ll go thumb through some old back issues today.

Thanks magCulture for the heads up.