Step Away from the Screen : No. 86

23 April 2013   //     Comments Off   //   365, design, music, step away from the screen

It’s spring, y’all! Time to break out the flip flops and t-shirts; the koozies; the baseball caps; and the happy jangly music. All the trappings!

To celebrate all the happy, I’ve made a mix tape. Only, they don’t call them mix tapes anymore. They call them playlists. So that’s what I made. It’s called Jangly Birthday because my birthday was 2 days ago. But it’s so happy and jangly it will make any day happier and janglier. Like a birthday! So step away from the screen and shake your booty. Woo!

Play it on the web here.

And open it directly in Spotify  here.

If you’d like it in a different format, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Music Philosophy

08 February 2011   //     4 comments   //   design, music, type

Clever, meaningful and stunning. This is exactly the kind of site I like to find when taking a work break at 1:00am. A weekly typographic interpretation of philosophical song lyrics. Perfectly sized for iPhone wallpapers, or you can buy one from the Etsy shop.

What philosophical song lyric would you like to see on a poster?

Click for bigger


A Hat for Your Vampire Weekend

07 September 2010   //     4 comments   //   design, music, wearable

So I was exploring the internets, looking for cool music tshirts for Zoe and Lucy, and this popped up: a Vampire Weekend earflap hat. So retro rad. Don’t you think I should get two? Me too!

Meanwhile, I found a whole site full of great band merch! Check it ALL out.