Step Away from the Screen : No. 113

23 May 2013   //     Comments Off   //   365, design, kids, step away from the screen

(click for bigger)

My daughter Lucy made this butterfly using a technique called paper quilling. One of my favorite people, Christine Dryden of Stir Studios, worked with Lucy’s class at school to create some amazing quilled artwork that was shown at our annual Gallery Crawl. We’re so lucky to have amazing artists like Christine at our school; artists who are willing to step away from their screens — and their own work — to work with our children on interesting projects like these.

Be sure to click on this to see it big. It’s pretty amazing.


Paper Town Friends

27 August 2010   //     Comments Off   //   clever, design, happy, istuff, kids, wearable

Sit down friends. I have something great to show you. Really really great. It’s a new iPhone app called Paper Town Friends created by clever Robin Rosenthal. Paper Town Friends features a bunch of paper cut-out characters for you to dress with their very own paper cut-out clothes and hats and accessories.

Robin cut out by hand all the tiny clothes and shoes and hats in the app. And get this — they’re even tiny in real life! Teeny crocs — with holes! A wee shriner’s fez! Baby batik tunics! It’s all just so freakin adorable.

(click for bigger)

And I love the effect it creates. The wonky shapes. The messy, decoupaged feel of it all. It’s like a soothing balm for the over-vectorized, over-digitized soul. Sweet and smart and omg so fun! Hooray for Robin! Yay for us! And okay, maybe I’ll let my kids play with it too.


The Abominable Brainstorm

29 July 2010   //     3 comments   //   kids, video

My awesome nephew Val (age 14) just got back from summer camp at the Flying Cloud Institute in Massachusetts. He was part of the team that made this fantastic video.

How much fun would it be to go to summer camp in the 21st Century? So much fun, right?


vintage records

13 April 2010   //     1 comment   //   ephemera, kids, vintage

Wow wow wow. Just, wow.

Moddern Kiddo has a phenomenal post up today with about a million vintage kids’ record covers. If I weren’t careful, I’d end up posting every one of them here for you to see. But instead go over there and check em all out. I’m always a sucker for the drawn-on-a-napkin, bleedy technique above. And the red title on the pink background? With the fox’s purple hat? Is fantastic.

And the panels in this one. With the crazy color palette. Red, moss green, yellow, flesh and navy? Are you kidding me? I can barely stop staring at it.

La la la la, lightbulb.

(All photos are credited at the original post. Go see.
And thanks Modern Kiddo for being so altogether awesome.)


let there be mud

19 March 2010   //     7 comments   //   happy, kids, nature, play

It’s officially Spring here. Time for crazy days at the park.

Have a great weekend friends!


shrinky dink valentines

16 February 2010   //     2 comments   //   design, diy, kids

When you’ve got that creative, um, inclination and you’ve got Elementary School aged kids, Valentines day can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Oh the possibilities! But oh, the work to get them all made for every kid in each of your kids’ classes.

This year we went Shrinky Dinks. 54 of them. Zoe and Lucy decided we would make hearts for the girls and stars for the boys.

We punched holes in them all. Then added some beaded chain.

Lucy and Zoe love hanging things on their book bags, and they had that in mind as we created these. So we made paper hang tags with “hang” messages on them: “Wanna hang out?” and “I like hanging around with you!” and “Hang in there!”

A little goofy, but perfect for 7 yr olds. And they looked great all together on our coffee table!