Step Away from the Screen : No. 59

27 March 2013   //     1 comment   //   365, design, history, save the world, step away from the screen

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Love is love. Equal is equal. Let’s do the right thing here.


Branding the Presidents

10 August 2012   //     2 comments   //   clever, design, history, thought provoking

Here’s a cool personal project from designer Meg Jannot – a Tumblr called Branding the Presidents. She’s designing each of the 44 presidents over the course of 44 days. A great exercise for any designer, and especially great for this breathless, rough-and-tumble election year. Nice work Meg!

I especially love how different they all are. Here are a few highlights. Click here to see the whole set on Tumblr. Which ones are your favorites?

Thanks Ilina!


Old New York

14 May 2012   //     2 comments   //   ephemera, history, photography

Oh my heavens. Hundreds of gorgeous photos of old New York. Shots you’ve never seen before. Like the one above of painters on the Brooklyn Bridge. With no safety harnesses or anything! I could look at these all day. In fact, I just did.

The New York City Municipal Archives has just released a database of over 870,000 photos from its collection of more than 2 million images of New York throughout the 20th century.

Here are just a few of the great ones, curated by Alan Taylor from The Atlantic.
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To see more (and there are SO MANY MORE), go to The Atlantic, or go directly to the NYC Municipal Archives Gallery. You’ll lose half your day there. But you’ll thank me.


whatchoo talkin bout willis?

28 May 2010   //     Comments Off   //   history, news

RIP Gary Coleman. You’ve earned it.


newton’s ipad

13 May 2010   //     2 comments   //   advertising, history, video

This is awesome. And just one of the oh-so-many reasons I have always loved Apple and always will. Watch the two videos one after the other.

Don’t you especially love the assertion at the end of the Newton spot that “if there’s anything this world could use, it is more communication.” Hoo boy!

(Thanks SMCLT)


eames house tour

02 February 2010   //     Comments Off   //   design, history, type

So not only is House Industries releasing a fantastic new font collection (the Eames Century Modern), but they will also be drawing three names to accompany them on an exclusive look into the inner sanctum of one of 20th century’s greatest design teams. The Eames House was built in 1949 as number 8 in the series of Case Study Houses and is still recognized as a revolutionary use of space and materials.

To toss your hat into the ring, fill out this form and enter EAMES HOUSE in the comments box.

And if you forget the first time (like I did) hopefully they’ll be understanding when you fill out the form twice (like I did).


helvetica and the new york city subway system

26 January 2010   //     Comments Off   //   design, ephemera, history, signage

Helvetica Subway

Helvetica Subway

Helvetica Subway

New, limited edition book, about Helvetica’s infiltration of the New York City subway system. Written by Paul Shaw. Including hundreds of photos, along with reproductions of pages from various MTA and NYCTA signage manuals. Oh, I’m sorry — was that me drooling? Goodness, how embarrassing.

I lived in New York for 6 years, and I return every year at least twice, and to count the number of photos I have taken down in the subway would be impossible. I am obsessed with its haphazard permanence, its raw, often accidental beauty, and its consistent inconsistency.

I can’t wait to hold this book in my hand.


haiti, one week later

19 January 2010   //     1 comment   //   history, news, photography, save the world

Haiti remains a place of profound need, anguish, desperation and danger, with a few glimmers of hope and slowly growing capabilities to receive and distribute the international aid now flowing in. Sporadic looting, sometimes violent, was met with force by security officials and ordinary citizens, resulting in a number of further deaths and injuries. The tenuous security situation has led to at least one temporary evacuation of a medical facility, to protect the care-givers. Despite the long time since the earthquake, at least five people were pulled from the rubble alive this weekend, including a young girl trapped inside a supermarket who was fortunately surrounded by food, and survived on fruit snacks.

Looking for ways to contribute but still unsure how to go about it? Charity Navigator sorts and ranks charities to help you find one you can trust. For Haiti and countless other situations.

(Description and images from The Big Picture at


picturing the past 10 years

05 January 2010   //     Comments Off   //   clever, design, history, media, thought provoking

Phillip Niemeyer has created a fantastic chart for the New York Times depicting trends of the past 10 years.

The above is just a sample of highlights of the O’s, but the whole chart is an interesting walk down the memory lanes of our love, concerns, moods and fears.

See the full chart here.

(Thanks Crystal!)


top 10 magazine covers

05 January 2010   //     Comments Off   //   caught my eye, design, history has curated a list of the top-10 magazine covers of 2009. There are some great ones, but this New Yorker cover by Chris Ware slapped me across the face when it came into my house a couple of months ago.

Another New Yorker cover that wasn’t included in the list but that I haven’t been able to send to the recycling bin is this one that came out immediately after President Obama’s inauguration. It is titled “First,” and I think it is perfect.

See them all here.

(Thanks Guy)