Voices of the Year. And a Gala too!

30 July 2010   //     2 comments   //   conferences

As you may know, in addition to LEAP, I am also a co-founder of Kirtsy, a website where you can find some of the coolest things you ever saw online.

The past few weeks, the Kirtsy team has been working like crazy on a big party that we’re throwing with BlogHer at their conference next week, and friends? It is going to be the raddest party ever! The event actually has an official name, and it’s a mouthful: BlogHer 2010 Voices of the Year Gala and Art Auction Curated by Kirtsy.

So we’ve been calling it the BlogHer Kirtsy Party instead.

Are you going to BlogHer this year? You are? Awesome! You’re invited! And you’re a VIP. No joke. Every single person who is going to BlogHer is officially invited to this partay. And every single person is important. Very important.

I don’t want to reveal all the awesomeness that will happen, because if you’re coming, I want you to be surprised, but here are some hints:

Voices of the Year Gala & Auction- The party is going to take over an entire floor of the hotel — with unexpected things to see and do in every area.

- In one section there will be type of performance art. By bloggers like Jenny of The Bloggess. I’m not even kidding.

- In another section, bloggers like Karen of Chookooloonks (and maybe me too!) will be wielding a paint brush. You won’t want to miss it, I promise.

- Throughout the party there will be an Art Exhibit with artwork and photography from 90 of your favorite bloggers — including superstars like Ree of Pioneer Woman. And each of these art pieces were created with the 90 winning Voices of the Year blog posts as inspiration. Which means: this party might be your best chance to meet some of your favorite blog stars. Blog Stars who will be at the party, checking out their words and artwork on display.

- There will be music. There will be food. There will be drinks. There will be cool photo ops. And there will be a dozen different ways for you to add your own voice to this Voices of the Year Gala.

- Also. During the Gala and Art Auction, there won’t actually be an auction. The auction part will happen a few weeks after BlogHer is over. It will be held online and everyone will have access to it — even if they didn’t attend BlogHer. All proceeds will go to the Nature Conservancy to assist with Gulf Cleanup. Fabulous, right?

At BlogHer, there has always been a big Friday Night party after the Community Keynote and it’s always been a lot of fun. But I’m telling you, this is a completely new event. We were so determined to break the mold that we pulled in the awesome Jordan of Oh Happy Day to help. And friends, she is an event genius. It’s going to blow your mind. And your head. And your brain.

So the takeaway is this: when you’re sitting there analyzing the list of things to do at BlogHer on Friday night, be sure to put the Gala at the top of your list.

P.S. One more thing. Are you going to the party? Are you being honored at the party? Fantastic! Pick up some blog bling here (scroll down once you get to the page).


mad men on the brain

02 February 2010   //     8 comments   //   conferences, design, vintage, wearable

Peggy in checks

Its February and you know what that means – Mom 2.0 Summit is coming!

2010 Mom 2.0 Summit - FEB 18-20

There are so many things at Mom 2.010 to be excited about that I can’t process it all, so I’ll take it step by step. Right now I’m spending time thinking about the Thursday night welcome party: Martinis, Music and Mad Men. What to wear?

If you know me personally, you’ll know that clothes aren’t really my “thing.” I mean, I care what I wear, but I’d just as soon wear the t-shirt + jeans variation uniform every day if life would allow it (and mostly it does). But a Mad Men party is a Mad Men party. You just don’t skimp on that one, right?

So I went to the Mad Men site to do a little research and 2 hours later I emerged with a sense of direction. It’s the gateway between the 50s and the 60s. This means prints, pencil skirts, cupcake dresses, pillbox hats, matte lipstick, and so on and so on.

Betty in Summer

And to make it easy peasy, I had this brilliant idea: Our awesome neighbor Hong Kong Vintage has, without a doubt, the perfect costume outfit waiting for me. I’ll report back after I go. (And hey – they have an online shop too!)

What are you wearing? Need some suggestions? More tips on how to dress like a Mad Woman here.


mom 2.0: defining a movement

28 January 2010   //     2 comments   //   announcing, conferences, happy, thought provoking, video

(Can’t see the video? Try this link.)

The brilliant and beautiful Katherine Center has done it again. This time in the form of a video addressing the statement Mom 2.0: Defining a Movement.

I can’t wait to see Katherine in Houston next month at the Mom 2.0 Summit. I feel like time spent with her, regardless of what we’re doing, is quality time. Do you know people like that? I’m lucky to.

Speaking of Mom 2.0 Summit, have you registered yet? Please do. I promise you won’t regret it.


altitude design summit

12 January 2010   //     Comments Off   //   announcing, conferences, design

I’m a little late, as usual, but I finally bought my tickets to the alt summit and I am so freakin excited!

Have you looked at the speaker list lately? Holy cow it just goes on and on and on with awesome. And I’m lucky enough to be speaking too! Moderating, actually. A panel about designing online and its inherent challenges. Where do we even begin?

The bloggers and designers and tastemakers that are coming to this conference kinda make my mouth hang open with awe, like the neighbor kid in The Incredibles watching Mr. Incredible pick up his car. I can’t believe I get to spend the weekend with these, um, incredible people. People whom I have admired from afar for years. People who haven’t yet had a forum created just for them. To talk about design. And designing. And pretty things. And cool design. And, holy moly, it’s going to be fantastic!

And bonus: conference registration includes a free ski pass to the gorgeous Solitude ski resort! I can’t wait to go boarding with you!

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s still not too late. Click here: