iphone cassette case

29 June 2010   //     Comments Off   //   caught my eye, clever

Brilliant. Now you can turn your iphone into a mix tape. It even comes with its own plastic case (that doubles as a stand) so you can even make a snazzy magazine collage tape cover! Suddenly, you’re no longer listening to Broken Bells and Phoenix, but instead, Nirvana, with The Pixies on the flip side, natch.

And wouldn’t this be a perfect desk-mate for your mix tape USB hub? You could be starting a retro-volution!

Buy yours here.

From Art at Heart. Thanks Adam.


the magic ipad

03 June 2010   //     Comments Off   //   clever, istuff, play

How fun is this?! I wish I knew what he was saying, but I sorta like the unexpected aspect of not knowing what’s coming next.

Do you have an iPad yet? I don’t, but I can’t lie — I’m seriously coveting one. I’m waiting for my 3 year-old MacBook to kick the bucket, though. The delete key doesn’t work — but in true Apple product form, nothing else is wrong with it. Dangit. I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through videos like this til I get my own. Have you found any other cool ones? Please share!


go big or go home

26 May 2010   //     Comments Off   //   clever, information

Best infographic ever.

(From FlowingData – Data Underload)

(Thanks Keith!)


frankenstein: an unintentional study

28 April 2010   //     Comments Off   //   caught my eye, clever, design

Traveling around the web tonight, I found two different, unrelated, brilliant Frankenstein interpretations. I’m totally inspired by them both.

Logo by Siah Design, found at LogoPond, a great source for logo design inspiration.

Book cover by Julian Hansen, found at his portfolio site.


infinite usb

29 March 2010   //     2 comments   //   clever, design, form + function, tools

The Infinite USB — designed by Gonglue Jiang and winner of the iF Concept Award for 2010. Brilliant and beautiful. Can’t wait to get one and get rid of the ugly USB hub hiding sheepishly behind my computer.

(Thanks Design Milk)


cutout billboard

29 March 2010   //     4 comments   //   advertising, clever, color

Amazing billboard created by Leo Burnett for Koleston Naturals hair color. Strategically placed against a beautiful (and natural) sea/sky backdrop, the die-cut hair changes color throughout the day. Brilliant.

It would be fun to think of other settings that would provide unique results for a campaign like this. Like against a giant, healthy Sugar Maple that dramatically changes colors throughout the year. What else?

(Thanks Keith.)


paper pot

24 March 2010   //     3 comments   //   caught my eye, clever, design

Just spotted the best looking tissue box I’ve ever seen. Actually, probably the only good looking tissue box I’ve ever seen. But regardless of its lack of competition, isn’t it fabulous?

It even comes in colors! I would take that shiny blue one and put it in an all white bathroom and be happy as a clam.

(Found at the always dependable MollaSpace)


the rules of a gentleman

11 March 2010   //     3 comments   //   clever, design, information

Speaking as a lady (by genetics if not by behavior), I have to admit that I honestly appreciate a kind show of Gentlemanliness. Not that I need men to fall all over themselves fawning over me, but a door opened, nonchalantly but purposefully? Truly lovely.

So when I stumbled today upon The Rules of a Gentleman, I was instantly charmed. One tip per day. So minimal. So well-designed with classic, old newspaper typography and styles. And so well written, straightforward, with a funny aside for each one. Enchanting. Please share with all the Gentlemen you know.

And for what it’s worth, I totally fail at the particular instruction above. Back when I started wearing a watch in earnest, in 9th grade, I had a cast on my left arm. So I put the watch (a Swatch of course) on my right wrist and have worn it there ever since. And on top of that, the watch is inverted, so the face is on my inner arm rather than my outer. What a mess.

(Found at Minimal Exhibit)



09 February 2010   //     1 comment   //   clever, diy, funny ha ha

I’m sure I’m the last one on this bandwagon, but I just stumbled upon Regretsy, a satirical Etsy. An archive of crafts gone wrong. Clever and funny stuff.


the fantastic mr. anderson

28 January 2010   //     1 comment   //   clever, video

(Can’t see the video? Try this link.)

Found this at kottke.org the other day. Amazing acceptance speech from Wes Anderson, made in stop motion animation.

Not only cool, but also appropriate: he was accepting the Special Filmmaking Achievement Award from the National Board of Review. Special filmmaking indeed.

And I love the rabbit half offscreen. With her stripes and her neckerchief.