freak animals

29 April 2010   //     Comments Off   //   caught my eye, type

I was looking for dog pictures the other day and wandered over to DaFont, my favorite free font website. Found the dogs I needed, and also found this: Freak Animals dingbat font. How fantastic are these? Wouldn’t they look great printed large and framed in a group?

Created by the apparently awesome Rodrigo German.


frankenstein: an unintentional study

28 April 2010   //     Comments Off   //   caught my eye, clever, design

Traveling around the web tonight, I found two different, unrelated, brilliant Frankenstein interpretations. I’m totally inspired by them both.

Logo by Siah Design, found at LogoPond, a great source for logo design inspiration.

Book cover by Julian Hansen, found at his portfolio site.


paper pot

24 March 2010   //     3 comments   //   caught my eye, clever, design

Just spotted the best looking tissue box I’ve ever seen. Actually, probably the only good looking tissue box I’ve ever seen. But regardless of its lack of competition, isn’t it fabulous?

It even comes in colors! I would take that shiny blue one and put it in an all white bathroom and be happy as a clam.

(Found at the always dependable MollaSpace)


alexa meade

19 March 2010   //     2 comments   //   caught my eye, fine arts, photography


I cannot stop looking at these photographs. Painter and photographer Alexa Meade’s canvas is the human body. Each of these photos is of a real person, painted to look like a painting. Breathtaking.

See more here.

(Thanks Photojojo)


light saber chopsticks

10 March 2010   //     3 comments   //   caught my eye, design, form + function

Light Saber chopsticks

Found this today on Mr. Lady’s Posterous. Lightsaber chopsticks. Awesome, right?

Buy them here.

And if you aren’t already familiar with Mr. Lady, you should be. She’s one of my most favoritest people. Go check her out here and here.


free staples!

08 March 2010   //     2 comments   //   caught my eye, design, happy

Fantastic sign posted on utility poles along my walk to work this morning.

Then upon closer examination I noticed the call to action:

(Click for bigger)

This is one of those things that can turn a normal day into a great day. Know what I mean?


fun with logos

09 February 2010   //     Comments Off   //   caught my eye, design, signage, vintage

I was browsing the groovy tshirts at Desteenation this morning and I found this one from Fuel Coffee in Seattle:

And check it out — we’ve got our own pride and joy Fuel here in Charlotte: Fuel Pizza.

Vintage design is fun, eh?


walking in holden’s footsteps

29 January 2010   //     Comments Off   //   caught my eye, media

Awesome. Found this in the New York Times today — an interactive map of Holden Caulfield’s journey through NYC. Roll over the different sites and find an excerpt from Catcher in the Rye describing each place. Check it out here.

Thanks for the tour JD Salinger. And thanks for preserving that New York forever.



28 January 2010   //     Comments Off   //   caught my eye, photography

(click for bigger)

Beautiful sky at lunch today.


olympic legos

20 January 2010   //     2 comments   //   caught my eye, kirtsy, play

lego water cube

lego bird's nest

Found on kirtsy: The Beijing Olympic village made out of Legos. The Bird’s Nest, The Water Cube, all of it.

See them all here.