Mr. Mad Men

27 October 2010   //     Comments Off   //   advertising, cartoon, clever, design

I love it. The Poke has re-imagined The Mr. Men series and created a new “book” based on the tv show Mad Men. Two retro tastes that taste great together. I hope they actually create the whole series!

(Thanks kdiddy and MamaPop!)


newton’s ipad

13 May 2010   //     2 comments   //   advertising, history, video

This is awesome. And just one of the oh-so-many reasons I have always loved Apple and always will. Watch the two videos one after the other.

Don’t you especially love the assertion at the end of the Newton spot that “if there’s anything this world could use, it is more communication.” Hoo boy!

(Thanks SMCLT)


cutout billboard

29 March 2010   //     4 comments   //   advertising, clever, color

Amazing billboard created by Leo Burnett for Koleston Naturals hair color. Strategically placed against a beautiful (and natural) sea/sky backdrop, the die-cut hair changes color throughout the day. Brilliant.

It would be fun to think of other settings that would provide unique results for a campaign like this. Like against a giant, healthy Sugar Maple that dramatically changes colors throughout the year. What else?

(Thanks Keith.)


how to build a lasting relationship

25 January 2010   //     4 comments   //   advertising, clever, thought provoking


Mine Yours Ours

Utterly, breathtakingly brilliant.

(Originally found via ReflectionOf.Me. Linked here from Ads of the World.)