Old New York

14 May 2012   //     2 comments   //   ephemera, history, photography

Oh my heavens. Hundreds of gorgeous photos of old New York. Shots you’ve never seen before. Like the one above of painters on the Brooklyn Bridge. With no safety harnesses or anything! I could look at these all day. In fact, I just did.

The New York City Municipal Archives has just released a database of over 870,000 photos from its collection of more than 2 million images of New York throughout the 20th century.

Here are just a few of the great ones, curated by Alan Taylor from The Atlantic.
(Click images to enlarge.)

To see more (and there are SO MANY MORE), go to The Atlantic, or go directly to the NYC Municipal Archives Gallery. You’ll lose half your day there. But you’ll thank me.


2 comments to “Old New York”

  1. faye says:

    that is really cool!

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