let there be mud

19 March 2010   //     7 comments   //   happy, kids, nature, play

It’s officially Spring here. Time for crazy days at the park.

Have a great weekend friends!


7 comments to “let there be mud”

  1. I want to be just like these girls when I grow up!

  2. Whoa! That looks like FUN!

  3. Design Mom says:

    Oh my. That shot should be a bookcover. Or a poster. Fantastic

  4. Henry Goldman says:

    That’s exactly how I want my granddaughters to look and feel; happy,happy, happy!!

  5. Barchbo says:

    I love this photo! I agree with Design Mom – total poster material. Or greeting card cover.

  6. Amy Petersen says:

    I LOVE IT! If that isn’t joy, I don’t know what is.

  7. Mr Lady says:

    That is SO AWESOME.