shrinky dink valentines

16 February 2010   //     2 comments   //   design, diy, kids

When you’ve got that creative, um, inclination and you’ve got Elementary School aged kids, Valentines day can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Oh the possibilities! But oh, the work to get them all made for every kid in each of your kids’ classes.

This year we went Shrinky Dinks. 54 of them. Zoe and Lucy decided we would make hearts for the girls and stars for the boys.

We punched holes in them all. Then added some beaded chain.

Lucy and Zoe love hanging things on their book bags, and they had that in mind as we created these. So we made paper hang tags with “hang” messages on them: “Wanna hang out?” and “I like hanging around with you!” and “Hang in there!”

A little goofy, but perfect for 7 yr olds. And they looked great all together on our coffee table!


2 comments to “shrinky dink valentines”

  1. melissa schropp says:

    Those are the best! Fabulous idea.